Delighting customers with brand experience

Mahul Brahma
Corporate Communications and Branding

How do you delight customers? What is brand experience? Who are responsible for creating a brand experience? Who are the benefactors? .......


New Trends in Supply Chain Management

Indranil Karak,
Super Aggregator Services

The eco system of business is changing every day in different aspects, and interruption in production and operations is now being recognised as the key contributor to losses both in the topline and bottomline.......


The Magic of the Target Audience

Madhuchanda Dasgupta,
Corporate Communications & Branding

In any communication or branding exercise, the most crucial part is the beginning – identifying the relevant target audience. No communication or branding can have the desired impact without hitting the correct note with the audience.......


Online retail in India and cash burn

Ritwik Poddar,
Manager (Lead) – Agro Commodities

The e-commerce market in India has witnessed tremendous growth over the last decade or so. This phenomenal growth can be attributed to a number of factors......


Taking stock: India’s met coal, coke outlook

Tamajit Pain,
Editor, Steel Insights

Coal makes up for 29% of global primary energy and 41% of global electricity. China remains the world’s largest market for coal, accounting for nearly half of global coal consumption in 2035. India is also one of the largest growth markets, with its share of world coal demand expected to double, from 10% in 2015 to 20% in 2035, according to industry sources.....


Decoding PR

Mahul Brahma,
Head, Corporate Communications & Branding

Since the time we learnt to speak and to communicate, there have been publicity and public relations. The whole story is about dissemination of information to the right people with a strategic objective....


My teajunction journey

Adwitio Sengupta,
Project Manager, teajunction

A perfect cup of tea goes well beyond how hot the water should be and how long the tea infuses… my perfect cup of tea is also all about the moment, the atmosphere, the place, the comfort of the silence or hustle around you...


Loyalty programmes for B2B companies

Shiladitya Saha,
Head, straightline

Loyalty Programmes typically are marketing interventions aimed at creating greater engagement and brand affinity amongst the buyer and the seller and in the B2B context seem to be apt for organisations which have the following characteristics...


Impact of an e-marketplace in Procurement Process

Partha Kumar Chakraborti,
Head, e-procurement services

The primary focus of a procurement process in the last several years has been to reduce cost through digitising the process, and most organisations have successfully implemented a well-defined procurement process on an electronic platform. .....


Boosting renewable energy

Arindam Bandyopadhyay
Editor, Coal Insights

Life in India, in mid-summer, wilts like a drying flower. This year, however, reports of sun-stroke related deaths have been few and far between. .....


The Blockchain Revolution

Gaurav Biswas
Sr. Manager – Business Analyst, Technology

Riding on the back of the Bitcoin failure, a quiet digital revolution of sorts is in the offing.....


Communicating Crisis

Mahul Brahma
Head, Corporate Communications & Branding

In the famous United Airlines case, musician Dave Carroll said his guitar was broken while in their custody. ...


The Power of an Idea

Madhuchanda Dasgupta
Corporate Communications & Branding

Every great achievement, every winning trend and every great discovery or invention was an idea someday....


Disruptors hold key to unhindered e-commerce sector growth

With e-commerce sales in the Asia Pacific projected to increase at moderate double-digit rates through 2019, it is time to have the right kind of people...


Good year for mjunction Quiz team

The year 2015-16 saw the mjunction quiz team consisting of Debashish Mukherjee and Abhishek Kar, proving their mettle in the quizzing circuit, both as quizzers as well as ...


Accolades for mjunction and its Leadership

Thanks for keeping me in the loop on this. I am not at all surprised that Shri Oberoi has made it to the cover of the magazine. Having interacted with him a few times a few years ago,


Budget 2016: A conducive start-up regime needed

Viresh Oberoi
CEO & MD, mjunction

In today’s VUCA world adaptability and agility to the fast changing interconnected global economy are required, which can only be provided by systems and processes that take proactive and corrective actions on demand.


New Year Message

Viresh Oberoi
CEO & MD, mjunction

As we step on to yet another new year, I wish you a year full of new opportunities and new beginnings.


coaljunction story

Viresh Oberoi
CEO & MD, mjunction

In the second of this series to mark 10 years of coaljunction, we will highlight how the transparent market price discovery system freed the coal supply chain from the shackles of cartelisation, intermediaries and the infamous mafia.


coaljunction was born on a Delhi-Kolkata flight

Viresh Oberoi
CEO & MD, mjunction

coaljunction, mjunction’s strategic business unit for online sales of coal, turned 10 in 2015. In order to commemorate this occasion, we will come out with a series of articles on different facets and phases of coaljunction’s evolution. In the first of this series, we recall how coaljunction came to existence.


e-auction of coal blocks

Viresh Oberoi
CEO & MD, mjunction

It was in 2005 that we started the e-auction of coal. This was sorely needed as the unregulated sectors and traders were able to pick up large quantities of coal directly from Coal India at notified prices which were at 50% of the market price. Needless to mention traders were able to make bumper profits by selling coal bought at notified prices to actual consumers at twice the price.


The Story of ejunction

Viresh Oberoi
CEO & MD, mjunction

I believe that if one were to be serious about CSR and really do something positive and impactful, the following two conditions first need to be met:

• The leadership of the Corporate passionately believe in wanting to give back to the community without any strings attached. By community, I mean those who are less fortunate than we are.


Solving problems the mjunction way: The story of online coal sales

Viresh Oberoi
CEO & MD, mjunction

I have often been asked the question: “What does mjunction do?”

During our younger days, which was in the early 2000s, it was an easy question to answer, which was: “we sell steel online.” Today we are into not only selling steel online but also iron ore, coal, idle and non-performing assets, tea, books, washing machines, jewellery.. and on the drawing board we have timber, coffee and broadband spectrum, to name a few.


e-Commerce is not

Viresh Oberoi
CEO & MD, mjunction

The good story is that e-Commerce has started getting coverage that it justly deserves across all the media channels in India. The unfortunate part is that the media confuses e-retail for e-Commerce. E-retail which focuses on sale of consumer products has not really been able to get their act in order and has led to astronomical valuations of some companies despite unbelievable losses which have been over-shadowing many wonderful initiatives


No takers for new coal blocks on auction


Even as coal shortage continues to plague India Inc. and coal consumers clamour for new linkages, the government has found no takers for the three coal blocks put up for competitive bidding. This raises doubts over the success of similar auctions being planned by the Ministry of Coal (MoC) in the future. It also partly invalidates the arguments put against the earlier policy of free allocation of blocks for captive coal mining.


India’s coal, coke imports cross 50 mt in first quarter


In line with the surge in recent years, India’s imports of coal and coke crossed 50 million tons (mt) during the first quarter (April-June) of 2014-15 (FY15). Going by the trend, analysts forecast total imports may reach close to 200 mt in FY15, which is about a 10.4% jump over 181 mt imported last year.


mjunction aids revolution in tea sourcing


Tea is a unique product whose quality could vary depending on diurnal weather conditions. This leads to swings in the price of tea. In India, tea is plucked from over a thousand gardens and produced in several hundred factories daily in summer. The quality starts deteriorating with time and hence it needs to be sold quickly.


straightline managing mytatastore on


With the click and buy mania engulfing the nation, there is a lot to cheer about for Tata group employees. The much awaited mytatastore website is now live and one can order products bearing the Tata logo from this exclusive website, which is owned by Tata Sons. This unique online store will be managed by, a unit of mjunction services, and all employees of the group who are registered with the will have access to the site and its products.

TV Narendran

We continue to grow in a difficult market

12th June, 2014

Within months of taking over as Managing Director of Tata Steel (India and South East Asia), TV Narendranhas set the ball rolling as far as future growth for the company is concerned. He talks to Tata Review on regulations, the challenges his company faced in the last year, growth prospects for next year, and his focus on making Tata Steel more confident, creative, and collaborative.

S Narsing Rao

Dependence on outsourcing backfires on CIL

By Rakesh Dubey
28th May, 2014

Mine contractors’ walk-out may snowball into an issue in 2014-15: S Narsing Rao, former Chairman, Coal India Limited, tells Rakesh Dubey of Coal Insights

Montek Singh Ahluwalia

Strong case for opening up coal to competition

By Rakesh Dubey
20th May, 2014

In a free-wheeling interview to Rakesh Dubey of Coal Insights, Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission of India touches upon various issues in the coal sector.

P C Parakh

As applications increased, selection was bound to become subjective: Former Coal Secy Parakh

By Rakesh Dubey
7th May, 2014

Coal Secretary P C Parakh, who has had an illustrious career in the government, grabbed the headlines in the latter half of last calendar, but for all the wrong reasons, shares his views in an interview with Rakesh Dubey of Coal Insights.

Anutosh Maitra

BSL aims at Rs1500 crore profit in three years

By Tamajit Pain and Rakesh Dubey
5th May, 2014

Steel Insight’s Rakesh Dubey and Tamajit Pain caught up with BSL CEO Anutosh Maitra to get an overview of the plant – a major producer of flat products – and its plans to refurbish its equipment and expand capacity as the steel sector, like other industries at this juncture, is in the doldrums owing to a low demand scenario.