Estimation and detailing for construction industry

What do they do

The team delivers customised estimating, detailing and BBS ( Bar bending Schedule) services to the civil commercial and residential construction segment in India and abroad.

At the estimation stage, they calculate the quantity of construction materials required for a particular project based on the drawings (architectural & structural), helping organisations create competitive and accurate estimates for both the pre and post tendering stages.

Detailing is the post tendering stage wherein the drawings (structural & architectural) are studied and tools like AutoCAD are used in order to find out the exact quantity, shape and size of each reinforcing steel unit required in the form of mesh, cage and cut and bend bars. These details are then entered into the Client's IT System for production. A placement drawing with tagging reference will also be furnished as required.

Advantages for clients

  • Increase in detailing capacity through an outsourced model -- leading to cost savings while maintaining service quality levels with reference to turnaround time and error rate.