Providing payment support 24/7

mjunction's financial services provide online supply chain finance solutions to the sales supply chain.

The objective of these business units is to

Extend adequate financial support to help distribution channels remain active Tie up with banks and lending partners to provide round-the-clock online finance and payment support to mjunction customers

Since inception, financejunction has arranged for over Rs 30,000 crore of organised finance to distributors and retailers in the steel and coal supply chains. This has brought about greater financial inclusion as this segment of borrowers was not covered by the banking system.

Advantages for clients

  • Channel finance (upstream), InstaLoan (downstream), buyer finance and 24/7 electronic bill payment available throughout the year
  • Upstream and downstream solutions reduce cash conversion periods
  • Improves balance sheet and facilitates business success for clients
  • Helps increase buying power for distributors and key customers


buyjunction Connect
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financejunction Connect
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Our Businesses

Financejunction is mjunction's financing division, which makes unsecured online finance solutions available on attractive terms to buyers and channel partners, which include distributors, dealers and end users who buy from clients. financejunction has tied up with large banks, financial institutions and NBFCs who provide supply chain finance.

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